Understanding the Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Depression

Beyza Nur Bögrek, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 149-155 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1058
176 216

Genetic Aspects of Aging and Anti-Aging Strategies

Büşra Nur Dal, İlknur Altuntaş, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 156-164 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1059
120 233

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Causes and Incidence

Fatih Özgür Sarıbıyık, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 165-169 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1060
178 161

The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Pregnancy Characteristics and Type 2 Diabetes

Hilal Özgül, Orhan Sadık Kızılyalın, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 175-179 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1062
95 144

Dementia Risk After Traumatic Brain Injury

Öznur Demirci, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 180-186 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1063
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Regulatory T Cells and Their Implications in Cancer Immunotherapy

Saime Sıla Gemici, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 187-191 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1064
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Heavy Metal Toxicity: A Potential Risk Factor for Autism

Zehra Akdağ, Oytun Erbaş

Pages: 192-196 DOI: 10.5606/jebms.2023.1065
116 223